Staying Safe in the Bathroom

Bathroom falls are the most common ACC claim for older people but it’s easy to stand up to this risk as many falls can be prevented.

Simple adjustments can reduce your chances of falling. Being confident on your feet and having a plan just in case you do fall are important as a fall, or even the fear of falling, can set off a vicious cycle that starts with less activity, which decreases muscle strength and balance, and thereby increases the risk of falling.

Changing your environment to work better for your health and safety is not as daunting as it sounds as most falls happen at home, which is where you have greatest control. Identifying potential hazards in your bathroom is the obvious place to start; use the Bathroom and Toilet Safety Checklist to conduct a comprehensive hazard assessment.

Bathroom and Toilet Safety Checklist

If you’ve identified hazards or are in the process of having a rebuild, thinking about renovating your bathroom, or just want some general advice, contact your Resource Nurse on 03 366-2857 (Judy on extension 3; Bronnie on extension 4).

They can help you work out the best plan to make this area of your house safer and reduce the risk of falls. Alternatively, you can visit any of the equipment shops for advice.