Exercise Opportunities for Partners

When we recently talked to spouses/partners of members with Parkinson’s, we were asked if we would consider opening the Society gym for all spouses/partners. This is not possible, so instead we have a few ideas on where you might be able to do more exercise.

The Christchurch City Council has several leisure centres across the city offering gym facilities, swimming pools and exercise classes. A single pool session costs as little as $5 and a gym session $11. It’s even cheaper if you get an annual membership, working out at approximately $11 a week.

The council also produce a Sport and Recreation Guide, so if you are looking for a particular activity then check out the guide as it lists providers for different activities across the city.

If you have not done any exercise for some time then you may like to be referred to the Green Prescription programme by your GP. This programme will support you to start exercising and introduce you to a variety of different types of exercise.

Jess Wood coordinates the programme for Sports Canterbury and is able to offer advice on community exercise groups in your area of the city. Contact her on 03 373-5032 to find out what is available close to your home.

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, so why not get out there and see if you can increase your exercise levels and possibly try something new.

If you have not been doing any physical activity or exercise for some time, it is advisable to have a review with your GP first.