Health & Wellbeing Consultations

Our specially trained health and wellbeing team is available for consultations, support and advice from our offices in Christchurch.

This is a cornerstone service of professional support, information and advocacy for people living with MS and Parkinson’s, where clients and their families receive regular and ongoing contact through phone calls, face to face consultations or emails. This support builds relationships and helps to ensure that health complications are prevented or minimised.

New members are offered a clinic appointment.  The team will talk with you about your history of diagnosis and medication and can give you information.

After a clinic appointment our staff will liaise with GPs and specialists, and can refer people to other community based services or allied health professionals.

People with MS or Parkinson’s are referred to our Exercise physiologist for an exercise assessment for either a home exercise programme or entry into one of the exercise groups provided at our premises each week. They are also able to use our specialised gym. For many of our clinets our regular exercise and support groups are an essential part of maintaining wellbeing.

We encourage clients, their carers, and family to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback.


Our staff operate under a rigorous confidentiality policy. This means our members can be assured of confidential treatment of their medical records and be confident that their medical information will not be not released without their written consent.

If you are unable to travel to see us, Telehealth is now an option.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a virtual consultation and assessment with the physio or nurse using a video link.  We use Cliniko, which is a secure, confidential and easy to use video link designed specifically for use in healthcare.

Telehealth is a very common way to deliver healthcare in many countries and has become more common in NZ during the pandemic.

How does it work?

The nurse will contact you to arrange an appointment time.  Once the appointment is booked, you will receive an email from us confirming the appointment time and a link to click on at the time of the appointment.  At the time of the appointment simply click the link to join the video call.

What do I need?

You will need a cellphone, tablet or computer with a camera, microphone and internet connection.

Is Telehealth as effective as a face to face appointment?

Yes.  There is a lot of research from the last 15 years which has demonstrated that Telehealth is as effective as a face to face consultation.

Contact the Office on (03) 366 2857 to set up your appointment.