Making Living Easier (and Safer!)

Shower and bath areas are potential safety hazards due to the unavoidable wet and slippery surfaces. However, the addition of a few simple items can make these areas safer.

People of all ages can benefit from non-slip mats (from $20) which prevent slips and falls by providing traction for your feet when they are wet. Some bath or shower gels or oils can make the base of a bath or shower slippery; non-slip mats can help here too. Ensure the mat covers the length (or most of length) of the surface of bath or shower. Before placing the mat, wet the floor of the bath or shower and then press the mat firmly to anchor the suction caps.

There are bars and grab-rails (from $37) which are designed to provide safe support but they are only as strong as the wall on to which they are fixed. Suction rails (from $130) may be an option if you need a temporary rail or need one to take with you when travelling. These should be fixed to flat walls or can be attached to some baths.

Suction foot brushes (from $32) attach to the shower floor and remove the difficulty and danger of bending and lifting your foot simultaneously to wash. They can be used by the whole family but are particularly helpful for people with diabetes or arthritis, or those people who have hip or back problems.

The Aspire Shop sells the soft bristle brush which is recommended for older people or people with sensitive skin as well as many other useful items, from anti-scald plugs ($2) to adjustable height shower stools ($130) and long-handled sponges ($16).

The Aspire Shop is open weekdays from 8.30 to 4.30 and offers unbiased information on equipment for easier living. It operates from the same premises as the Society and can be
reached on 0800 347-242. They can source items they don’t ordinarily stock or refer you to alternative suppliers. Items can also be viewed and purchased online from their website.