May 2015: Manager’s Message

Greetings everyone.

Many thanks for your warm welcome to me in the manager’s role. I am very much enjoying the opportunity to meet members on a variety of different occasions, such as at gym sessions, the movie and quiz nights, the Ashburton morning tea and MS support group, Parkinson’s spouses’ group, Upbeat group, MS lunches, home visits, and Living well with Parkinson’s sessions.

I want to acknowledge all our wonderful staff whose commitment and professionalism really enhance our services for members. Here’s an
introduction to some newer staff and farewells to two who have left this year.

Nicola Morrison Admin Assistant. Nicola who grew up in Christchurch and later spent several years living in Japan, has been with us since
November last year. Nicola’s previous admin experience, her attention to detail and the calm warm approach she brings to her work mean that she is a welcome addition to our team here. Nicola enjoys ballet classes and her two cats.

Frances Young Nordic Walking Instructor. Frances lives her belief in the importance of a healthy balance between body and mind. She is
a professional counsellor and specialist in pain management and also teaches Nordic walking at WEA. Frances is committed to helping our
organisation make a beneficial difference in our community, and we are utilising her counselling and group facilitation skills as well as Nordic walking.

Lynne Trowbridge Funds Development Manager. Lynne is an experienced senior fundraiser who has worked in the not for profit area for 15 years. Lynne’s previous successes at the Royal Foundation for the Blind, Home and Family, and Council of Social Services mean that we are fortunate to have her on board with us. Lynne starts her role at the end of May and is excited about getting to know members through our different activities and events.

Cate Walton Volunteer Resource Nurse. Cate works as a volunteer alongside Bronnie our Parkinson’s Community Nurse Educator. Read Cate’s introduction here.

We farewell and thank two staff members who have resigned this year –

Sharron Emslie, former Nordic Walking Leader. For four years the Nordic walking group with Sharron as leader was so committed that they met each week to walk, no matter the weather, even in snow. Sharron leaves to devote more time to her work in specialised areas of child care.

Jan Saville, previously Admin Assistant and most recently Social Activities Coordinator brought liveliness and warmth to her roles with us. Jan will be focusing more on her catering business in ‘Dorothy’, her purpose built caravan.

Our services are always developing to meet the needs of members For example in June we will launch a new Christchurch MS support group,
and we have added 2 new Parkinson’s Spouses morning teas for North Canterbury.Robin

Robin Furley


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