Ingrid: My Oceans Of Hope Experience

20150509_130625When I applied to go on Oceans of Hope, I didn’t honestly think I would get on – I knew there would be lots wanting to experience this.

I don’t have any sailing experience. My Dad had a Sunburst yacht when we were little, but I am not really sure if that counts. I have been on friends’ boats but I have never had to do any work!

So when I got accepted I was so excited!

On the day itself, first we got the run down on what we needed to do. We were all sitting in the boat and it was spitting. But then we went out in the harbour and it was beautiful – the sun was on our side!

We all had the opportunity to steer and you could help put the sails up and down if you wanted to. Gen, Kristian and Louise were great, they made us all feel like nothing was a problem. I talked with Kristian about what happens when they finish this journey and he said they may be based in Europe and do trips from there. I asked how I could qualify as my balance wasn’t 100% and he said –

“When we are on a boat we are all the same as everyone needs to hang on to things…”

And that is so true. They had a gentleman on one legs of the and he said that for two weeks he didn’t have to use his stick and felt great!

I met some great people and had a brilliant time. Everyone had smiles on their faces! It is nice to do some things with others who are in the same boat (excuse the pun…). My little goal now is to follow their blogs and go to Europe if they end up still doing the trips – I would love to sail round the Caribbean for a couple of weeks. ◆


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