Lockdown Staff Blog – Judy

Life has become simple in many respects. This suits me, although I’m not quite sure about other members in our bubble. They appear to be taking things in their stride though.

My son asked just before lockdown if he and my granddaughter Olivia could come stay with us. She’s 7 years old and her mum was going to be working for most of the lockdown period. It made sense for us to have this time together, as there are few opportunities to have a decent chunk of time.

Being available to my family was a different test though. My son walking in while I was in mid-email to discuss something or Olivia skipping in to tell me she wants to bake with me or do something that she doesn’t want daddy to do. I really felt the need to respond in these situations; some important, some not, but they tugged at me never-the-less.

My once tidy dining table strewn with all manner of craft stuff and works of art by Olivia. With every picture being a masterpiece, at this rate there will be no wall space left. We have also made time for baking all manner of delicious goodies.

Working from home has been interesting. I absolutely enjoy my work. It’s never the same and I am constantly having to prioritize and keep a sense of balance. In lockdown, the pace has changed. My work has become phone calls and conference calling for meetings, looking at different ways to work. The opportunity to do a lot of tasks that have been waiting too long gives a great feeling of satisfaction.

The weekends of glorious sunshine have mostly been spent largely in garden, going for walks or bike rides, and just enjoying time together, while respecting we need time apart.

Focusing on my own self-care has also been important, limiting negative media while focusing on the facts and teaching Olivia meditation. Now she has the hang of it, meditating together has been a delight.