Lockdown Staff Blog – Charlotte 2

With the end of Lockdown in sight and Mother’s Day this weekend, there’s plenty to be cheerful about. It helps that the weather has been rather spectacular the last few days too!

Although it has been rather tough getting through these days, I always have my own little ray of sunshine. Even if a day has been rather difficult, there is always something that makes me smile, and it usually comes from her. She is obsessed with seeds, sticks, stones and, as you can see in the picture, leaves! My first kiwi Mother’s Day as a mum will be quite quiet but spending my days with my girl is the best present I could have. She gives great cuddles!

I also have been trying to make sure that I make some time for myself, even if it’s just the couple of hours after my daughter goes to bed. I’ve been doing lots of reading and greatly enjoying it. I also really love my podcasts, as the girls at the office will tell you! I find them very relaxing, at home and in the bustling office. Have a look at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or any of the music streaming services to find something that piques your interest!

Something that I have had to learn over this Lockdown time is that it is okay to ask for support. I’m very fortunate to have been well supported by the community infusion team, by my GPs and by Judy, our MS nurse. If you feel that you need some extra support, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our nurses are still available and more than happy to help, and your usual GPs and specialist nurses are still there for you, albeit over the phone or email.

We’re nearly there, guys! Keep your fingers crossed and stay safe.