Lockdown Staff Blog – Anna

Hi everyone, your friendly Parkinson’s nurse Anna Fraser here! I hope you’re all doing well in your bubble.

Like others in the organisation I’m working from home alongside my hubby Tom. And, we have five teenage boys in the house all trying to continue their online schooling so it’s fair to say our rural internet is getting a fair thrashing. Our dog, Q, doesn’t seem to know what to do with all of us being around! Still, she looks pretty happy to me!

I’m spending my time getting up to date with admin, filing and other office-based tasks that often take a backseat while I’m flat-out with home visits, on the phone and generally helping our many members. I’m also keeping in contact with members over the phone and video conferencing and able to offer advice and assistance whenever required. Please feel free to get in contact with me during the Lockdown via email (pnurse@ms-pd.org.nz) or phone (022 474 2918) and I look forward to seeing you again in person once life gets back to some degree of normality.

Please take care and keep warm.