MS & Parkinson’s New Year Update

The Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Team welcome in 2023 and look forward to providing you with support and services over the year

Exercise Programmes and classes: Our exercise classes and gym sessions have resumed for the year. Find the 2023 timetable here. Gym members who have completed 6 months are now entitled to a new assessment and programme update. Please contact Dr Amin Daneshfar, Exercise Coordinator and Physiologist for an assessment appointment. 

Support groups and activities: These have commenced for the year with our first support group meeting on 10th January, we have a number of groups meet each month. A full calendar of meeting dates will be uploaded on our website shortly.
Speech therapy sessions are held on the final Thursday of each month from 9.45am – 11.30 at Braintree.      
Podiatry sessions are held between 9 and 1pm the first Tuesday of each month at Braintree book through the office.
A Covid and Fatigue education session and a local peer support group will be held in Ashburton on the 23rd February. Invites to follow.    

Education sessions and the Keynote speaker series: Will begin in February. Save the dates to attend the session with Dr Christina Buchanan “Research Studies on Parkinson’s Disease in New Zealand – a birds eye view from a newcomer to the field” and the 22nd January for Laughter Yoga from 10:30-11:30 at BrainTree. A full calendar for the year will be up on our website and you will be notified when registrations are open.

Health Support: Telehealth sessions and health assessments have resumed with our Nurse Jennifer Rowlands

Summer Newsletter: Link to our latest news and information.

Staff news: We welcome Dr. Amin Daneshfar our new Exercise Coordinator to the team. Amin is a physiologist and will be leading our exercise programmes as well as undertaking assessments. Kelly Roulston has also joined the team as our Office Administrator and will be our phone contact.

A big congratulations to our Manager Karla Gunby who has been appointed to the position of Active Communities Manager with the Recreation and Sport Unit at the City Council and will be taking up her new appointment at the end of January 2023. We are delighted for Karla and wish her all the best in her new position and thank her for leading MS and Parkinson’s over the past two years, particularly with our move to Braintree.

We are presently advertising the Manager position and the additional Health position. Dave White and Anne-Marie Kite will be acting as joint Managers in the interim.

Come along and enjoy a coffee with friends and family at the Braintree Café over the summer we have a great outdoor space.

We would love to see you there.