Goodbye For Now

Jessie Snowdon and Family

One of our Physiotherapists, Jessie Snowdon, has recently resigned from her current role. She has asked for the chance to say farewell.

This month marks eight years since I started working at the Society. During this time I have met hundreds of people who have been affected by MS or Parkinson’s; some I have met once or twice while others I have seen weekly at exercise classes and the gym.

I have seen just how deeply these conditions affect people and the strength it takes to face daily life because of them.

I have also become mother to two gorgeous girls – Lucy is four and Bella just 10 months – and recently decided to focus on our wee family, which means I will not be returning to my regular hours at the Society.

Over the last two years I have been heavily involved in the creation of a fatigue management programme for people with MS.

This has become my third baby and means I will still be involved with the Society; I may also have my arm twisted to cover the odd exercise class when needed!

So, in some ways this is a farewell and my chance to say thank you for all you have shared with me, and to wish you all well on the personal journeys that you all face with such courage.

But it is also a ‘see you around’ as I feel deeply proud of the work the Society does and intend to stay involved for a long time to come!