Applying for a Lottery Grant

You might qualify for a grant from the Lottery Individuals with Disabilities Committee to pay for the purchase of a vehicle, scooter or other disability equipment.

These grants are aimed at helping people with disabilities achieve independence and participate in the community. Around 45% of applicants receive funding.

The Committee considers a range of factors when assessing applications and priority is given to people with severe disability, the applicant’s financial circumstances, the availability of alternative transport or assistance, the contribution the vehicle or equipment would make to the applicant’s quality of life, family situation, locality, and whether or not the applicant has received lottery assistance in the past.

The usual grant available for a mobility scooter is $4,600. The maximum grant for a car is $11,500 and $13,800 for a van if the need can be justified.

The Committee will consider applications of up to $11,500 for a wheelchair hoist or vehicle modifications if these are required.

These figures include GST. There is no maximum amount for other mobility/disability equipment with applications being considered on their particular merits.

You can apply at any time in the year and decisions may take from 6 to 16 weeks.

To apply for a grant, first complete the Eligibility and Funding Checklist for Individuals and then download the application form, information sheet and application guide from the Department of Internal Affairs’ Community Matters website. Submit the application along with a letter of support from one of the Society’s Resource Nurses or Physiotherapists as well as your therapist, doctor or a person of standing within the community.